A Note From Simon

This global pandemic that we are all experiencing would have to be the most significant life event for me (so far). I know how worrying this must be for many of you. And human nature being what it is, we all process and deal with stress and uncertainty in different ways. Information is changing by the hour.

I am just like you. I have a family and 2 children I love very much. Their safety and wellbeing is paramount to me.

But I am also a Boulder county resident. And a local business owner. I started Eight Black Cars 5 years ago and then Longmont shuttle over 4-years ago. I started Longmont Shuttle because a faceless corporation called Veolia, who owned Super Shuttle, abruptly abandoned the market and left people high and dry with less than 2-weeks notice.

We were first on the scene in Longmont. Then along came the 900-pound Gorilla called Green Ride. As soon as the pandemic hit, Green Ride announced that they were suspending their Longmont shuttle operations and their Boulder operations. They have returned with a limited service of private rides at $125.

I respect their decision to do this. That is their call.

My call however is to continue to support the community in which I live. Yes, I am concerned about everyone’s welfare and safety. But we are doing all we can from a health and safety protocol perspective. Our drivers must report daily and take their temperature prior to each shift. We sanitize each vehicle after each trip. We wipe door handles down constantly with Clorox.

No one knows what the weeks ahead will deliver. But people still need to travel. And while they can, we will be there. In many cases, there are people already outside of Colorado who need to get home.

Our pricing has been reduced and our team is ready to help. You have my commitment that we will do all we can to ensure you and your loved ones can get to and from the airport in the safest, cleanest vehicles possible.


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