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Pick Up Procedure at DIA – When you have your bags, proceed outside on LEVEL 5, East Side, Door 515.

Why Do You Need A Cellphone Number For My Reservation?

    • We need a way to contact you when you land at DIA. As you know, travel can be unpredictable. Weather in winter and summer in Colorado can change quickly. Flights often run early or late. Our online reservation system tracks all flights and your driver receives these real time updates. However we need to be able to talk with you after you land at DIA so we can let you know what shuttle service you will be on – as we don’t want you to have to wait any longer than necessary. (Please note, due to security regulations set down by the Airport, our drivers are not permitted to leave their vehicles and meet customers inside the terminal) Our system also sends text alerts when the shuttle is on its way to pick you up. These alerts are particularly important in the mornings as they give you peace of mind and reassurance that the shuttle is enroute.
  1. How Often Does The Shuttle Run from DIA?The first shuttle departs DIA at 4:50am and runs from DIA every other hour. The last shuttle leaves DIA at 11pm and this will wait for any customer with a confirmed reservation (eg if your flight lands past 8pm)
  2. How Often Does The Shuttle Run from Boulder?The first shuttle service departs Boulder at 3:30am and runs from Boulder every other hour. The last shuttle to DIA leaves Boulder at 10:30pm.
  3. Do I Need To Make A Reservation?Yes, you must make a reservation to ride on the shuttle (for either direction). You can do this online or by calling our reservations number.
  4. Will My Credit Card Be Charged When I Make A Booking?We operate just like an airline. When you make a booking online or over the phone – you will receive an email confirmation. Your credit card will be charged at the time you make the booking (not on the day of travel). Should you wish to pay cash on the day, we will still need a valid credit card to secure the reservation.
  5. Do You Offer Seniors Discounts?Yes, seniors receive a discount of $5 off their booking.
  6. Where Do We Meet The Shuttle At The Airport?We track all flights. Your driver will text you when you land and advise pick up point. Our only pick up point is on the EAST side of the terminal,  DOOR 515. This is the same level as baggage claim.
  7. How Many Stops Do You Make On The Way? (From Boulder)Depending on how many are on your scheduled service
  8. Do you have WiFi onboard?Yes, we have a dual network system in our Sprinter vehicles which can handle 25 concurrent users. Your driver will let you know the password. WiFi is coming in all vehicles later this year.
  9. Do you have power for laptops and phones?Yes, we have 110v power outlets throughout the shuttle and high speed charging cables for most phones (Apple and Android)
  10. Do I have to tip the driver? No you don’t, although they will always be grateful if you do. Our drivers keep 100% of any gratuity that is offered and you can pay this in cash or have it added to your reservation (if you paid via credit card)
  11. How Many People Does The Shuttle Hold?Our Mercedes Sprinters are configured to hold 14 passengers, and each seat has its own seat belt.
  12. Are You Pet Friendly?Yes, we are. We will transport free of charge any family pet or service animal. Please note, for your safety and for the safety of other passengers all animals must travel in a secure crate/pet carrier. Passengers will be responsible for any mess their pet makes (including excessive pet hair). A cleaning fee of $30 will be charged if appropriate. You must call our reservations department if you intend to transport a pet.
  13. Do You Fit Snow/Winter Tires in Winter?Yes, our entire fleet is fitted with either Nokian or Blizzak snow tires. These provide up to 30% better grip in weather below 40 degrees.